Interesting fairs!

The other day I was at a fashion fair, which was extremely interesting. I have always been fascinated by these fairs because I love fashion, but also how these fairs are organized. I think it is very interesting. I always follow the latest fashion, which has been a hobby for me. What colors and the style do the models wear, this is always really exciting to see. I was noticed as one of the models held pause she stood and smoke on one of the mentioned Electronic cigarettes, which I think is really cool. I have always been skeptical of people who smoke because it is very unhealthy and damaging our environment. Therefore, I thought it was really good to see her with this new type of cigaret.

Well back to the fair and the glorious experience. Many of the models wore denim, including denim pants, denim jackets and denim shirts. I believe without a doubt that denim, like last year will be a really big hit. I myself am a big fan of denim, because I think it’s really comfortable to wear and looks super good. For example, a denim coat over a plain shirt, I think looks really good.

What do you think about these electronic cigarettes, and du you like denim as much as i?


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